"Thank you so much for all the hard work ....... on behalf of the family [for over] 90 years"

"Taken a weight off all round"

"Can't thank you enough for everything"

"... tireless effort ... "

"London skills. In the country. At country prices."

"My first choice ...."

"Thanks to your very considerable skill .......... I am sure that we have maximised our profit .............. thank you for the detailed care and attention"

"I didn't know where to turn ........ with one phone call to your office I have never looked back"

"I was very impressed by the honest answers and received such genuine help and exceptionally good service"

"It is so rare to find a firm who want to help and not just make money."

"a thorough understanding of the practical as well as the legal issues"

"They get the job done quickly, and done well"

"I could not have wished my case [to be] dealt with by someone more knowledgeable and erudite .......... an extraordinary talent."

"Extremely robust. Excellent advisors who won't stand for any nonsense"

"Your patience and kindness at a time of great personal stress ...... was priceless"

"Invariably both professional and swift. A rare level of service."

"Most professional"

"Exemplary customer service and deployment of professional skills with the demeanour of a true gentleman"

" .... so amazing .... I don't know what I would have done without you"

"Your kind words and help have helped more than you will ever know"

"even in the gruesome moments we always had a laugh"

"very reassuring"

"such a safe and caring pair of hands"

"I was overwhelmed by your kindness"

"I know no professionals more terrier-like"

"For the first time .... I have .... a solicitor who fully represents my interests"

"Your help is invaluable"

"Second to none"

"Sound advice, as always"

"I felt as if I had a huge mountain to climb, and having you there has helped me so very much"