Support Staff

The loyalty and commitment of our secretarial, accounting and other support staff is a major factor in the success of our firm and is much valued by the fee earners. Some have been with us for more than 20 years, and many for 10 or more. We depend very much on their unfailing efficiency, cheerfulness and support. They will always do their best for you, as they do for us.  Please ask for them by name.


Lesley Adamson

PA to Vanessa Schomberg & Greer Pratley

Deborah Coddington

PA to Rennie Chambers

Joanna Cole

PA to Anne McCallum

Cheryl Curry

Head of Accounts

Beccy Dashwood-Ball

PA to Glen Webb

Eileen Gibbs


Susan Humphreys

PA to Rosalind Blaza

Helen Kerr

PA to Paul Gardener

Karen Kitchener

PA to Robert Marchant

Sam Paul


Sophia Ramsay-Rae

PA to Rosalind Blaza

Lauren Richardson

Office Assistant

Debbie Seymour

PA to Glen Webb

Ali Sullivan

PA to Robert Marchant

Caroline Wells

PA to Rennie Chambers